A Bright Vision for Quality of Life in Cambodia

Phnom Penh, 30 June 2017 – As part of an ongoing effort to address the public on important issues for the well-being of children in Cambodia, World Vision launched a social media campaign “#ForChildrenForChangeForLife” with a series of short videos, two of which stories about starting a family, and youth empowerment went viral.

Building around their “For Children. For Change. For Life” tagline, World Vision has been gradually releasing a series of six videos to bring greater attention to the importance of community development, health and nutrition, education, child protection, youth empowerment and the culture of philanthropy.

The first video titled “Happy Community” was released to coincide with Khmer New Year celebrations, with the story reaching almost 400,000 views over a three-week time period. 

“A Gift of Happiness”, the second video in the series on Health and Nutrition, went viral, and in less than two weeks, earning over 1 million views.

“World Vision is proud to have worked in Cambodia for the last 40 years building strong communities and working towards children’s well-being,” said Phearun Kuch, Public Relations and Marketing Manager for World Vision 

“Nutrition is one of our most important areas of work in Cambodia. The Gift of Happiness, which follows the progress of a couple with a baby, features a woman breast-feeding her baby in a public space although she might feel a little hesitant at first,” Phearun continued. 

“At World Vision, we firmly believe mother’s milk is the best thing that you could feed your baby, to give them a good start in life.”

The third video in the series is “The Magic Glasses”, which sees baby Vichea from the previous video all grown up, seven years later, and presents the idea of gaining knowledge and language skills through Education. The story has gained almost 500,000 views.

The next issue of Child Protection was widely received and shared by the public after its release on the International Children’s Day, June 1st. The story titled “The Little Orange Fish” features little Vichea once again, sharing the story of Little Orange with her classmates.

The Little Orange Fish, which stresses the role parents and the community play in creating a pleasant and safe environment for children to develop, was viewed over half a million times.

“Youth These Days” is World Vision’s most successful video to date, achieving 1 million views in under 4 days. “Youth These Days” shows that hard work, persistence, coupled with the love, care, and support from your parents and those around you, are key to success. 

“Cambodian youth have great potential. However, they need to work at bringing out the best in themselves. World Vision is glad to help by providing high quality life skills training and livelihood development to youths as well as equipping them to become creative and active citizens. We are overwhelmed by the incredible response by millions of Cambodians so far, many who have been sharing comments of support and conviction on social media,” enthused Phearun.

The final video on the Culture of Philanthropy is scheduled for release in early July. All published stories are available to the public on the World Vision Cambodia Facebook page.

 Links to view the videos: 

Happy Community: https://www.facebook.com/WorldVisionCambodia/videos/1537721446252551/

Happy Community (Bonus): https://www.facebook.com/WorldVisionCambodia/videos/1545853175439378/

A Gift of Happiness: https://www.facebook.com/WorldVisionCambodia/videos/1551954644829231/

The Magic Glasses: https://www.facebook.com/WorldVisionCambodia/videos/1574440982580597/

The Little Orange Fish: https://www.facebook.com/WorldVisionCambodia/videos/1590369634321065/​

Youth These Days: https://www.facebook.com/WorldVisionCambodia/videos/1613037428720952/​

Note to Editors:

World Vision is a child-focused international NGO, working with children, families and communities across 9 provinces, covering 67 districts and 268 communes, in Cambodia. World Vision focuses its programmes on Education and Life Skills, Health and Nutrition, Child Protection and Youth Empowerment.                                       

For all media inquiries, please contact:

Mr. Sengkong Bun, Public Relations Officer, World Vision

Tel: +855 98 777 430 or Email: sengkong_bun@wvi.org