World Vision and Smart Axiata kick a Goal for Youth

November 30th, 2016 – With the shared goal to engage and empower vulnerable youth for safe and healthy development, Smart Axiata and World Vision signed a partnership agreement for an innovative sports for development football programme, “One Goal”. Developed and implemented by World Vision with support from Smart Axiata, the pilot programme will directly engage at least 300 vulnerable youth from 3 provinces and promote sport for safe and healthy youth to thousands of youth via national and provincial tournaments across Cambodia.

“World Vision developed the One Goal programme with a belief that sports is a great vehicle to engage and support youth development, it is particularly effective for reaching and engaging more vulnerable youth,” says Jason Evans, World Vision’s National Director.

“Why Smart?” he adds, “because Smart and World Vision actually share similar values and mission. World Vision exists to empower families and communities to create a better world for children, and this is done through repairing and transforming relationships at all levels of society – within the family, within the community, and within a nation. We believe Smart’s mission of connecting people all across Cambodia is one that is absolutely beneficial for the development of this nation. Because at its core, relationships require communication and connection.”

Smart Axiata Chief Executive Officer, Thomas Hundt, was equally excited with this new addition to the company’s portfolio of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. “This One Goal partnership embodies the many elements of Smart’s CSR goal of triggering positive change and empowering Cambodians to help their communities and families to become more sustainable. Together with World Vision, we share a common objective of engaging and enabling youth development via the power of football, a sport that is gaining tremendous traction within the country. We hope to score this one great goal to offer vulnerable children an opportunity of new hopes and dreams.”

Smart remains committed to the people of Cambodia not only by building quality networks and providing reliable, affordable and innovative services, but also profoundly contributing to the country through sustainable projects. “We believe that this partnership with World Vision will be the start of a long-term collaboration between both parties that will be structured around and beyond our CSR pillars of Education, Environment and Community Sports”, Thomas added.

The One Goal pilot will run for 12 months to support the development and resilience of vulnerable youth through life skills sessions and football training. Life skills sessions will focus on supporting youth to gain better self-identity, be more aware of risks and how to keep themselves safe (for example consequence of risky behavior caused by alcohol, drugs, migration, trafficking and unsafe sexual relationships), and be able to form stronger positive relationships with their peers, parents and others in the community. Football training (and other football events) will support development of teamwork as well as providing youth an opportunity for skills learning and recreation.

Youth are one of the largest demographic groups in Cambodia, with 15-24 year olds making up 20.5% of the total population, and 15-30 year olds 33%. There’s much more to do with Cambodian youth so they are empowered and equipped to create a positive future. Upon success of this pilot program, both World Vision and Smart will look for opportunities to scale up nationally.

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