Our strategy is to invest in improving the well-being of children living in poor and marginalised communities by focusing on four priorities:


Malnutrition remains a major issue for the well-being of children in Cambodia. Although there has been a gradual decline in malnutrition rates since 2000, they are still at a critical level of 32% for children under aged 5 and require urgent attention. Due to Cambodia’s rapid societal development and changing cultural context of health and nutrition, we continuously assess the effectiveness of our project models to address the root causes of the problem.

Our work focuses in four key drivers to good nutrition in children; correct infant and young child feeding practices, effective protection from infection and disease, year-round access to nutritious food and implementation of government policies.

Your support has helped us impact 97,249 children under 5 as well as 106,617 women beneficiaries. Our work in provincial Cambodia has also seen 192 villages improve their hygiene practices and reduce their risks of infection and diseases.


Equip children with an improved quality of literacy, numeracy and life skills 

Only 1/3 of children in Cambodia aged 3-5 years are considered to have basic literacy and numeracy skills. While enrolment rates are high, learning outcomes within public education system lag far behind. A number of factors contribute to this persistent issue including; limited pre-school facilities, poor retention rates, underqualified teachers and access barriers for vulnerable children.

We partner with education providers, government bodies and communities in the country to create high quality learning environments that are supportive of children developing fundamental academic and life-skills needed to live fulfilling lives.

We have since partnered with 227,092 community members to help uplift education and learning standards in Cambodia. Your support means 421,692 children have been positively impacted with 90% of children aged 3-5 attending World Vision-supported preschools have achieved their development milestones in all six domains measured. Community attitudes have also positively shifted where an increase from 50% to 73% of surveyed household participants showed they actively support children learning.


Empower and equip youth in Cambodia for a better and positive future

The most significant issue facing young Cambodia graduates today is securing meaningful employment.  Many young people also receive a lack of support from government and show low levels of civic engagement such as participating in the decision of commune plans.

We’re working to empower a new generation of Cambodians that hold the capacity and agency to solve life’s challenges with creative and innovative minds. Our work aims to see all youth in Cambodia represented, valued as social agents, prepared for economic opportunity and lead healthy and safe lives. In turn, they will be able lead a movement of transformation in their own communities and the country.


All children are protected from abuse, exploitation and other forms of violence             

Child labour, trafficking, homelessness and violence in all forms remain as common societal problems in Cambodia. Unfortunately child vulnerability is driven by the weak implementation of child protection laws and poor resourcing of government protection services. This is further compounded by negative community attitudes about reporting child rights violations and marginalization of vulnerable families within the urban and rural poor.

Our projects focuses on strengthening the national child protection system through; influencing community attitudes to foster safe and loving communities,  implementing child protection mechanisms, equipping children with life skills to protect themselves and holding governance for child protection accountable.

Your support means 550,8033 children have been impacted through our Child Protection Groups. More budget has been allocated to child protection activities with a 2% increase in commune budgets. This means more programmes can be dedicated towards eradicating exploitation and abuse within children and families. Read below how 17 year old Sim Sovannary is now equipped with skills on personal safety and protection in the community.