World Vision brings relief to the victims of Typhoon Damrey in Central Vietnam

Typhoon Damrey made landfall in Vietnam on 4 November 2017, causing serious flooding in 15 provinces of Central Viet Nam and creating acute food security, water and sanitation, shelter and livelihood needs. As a result of the typhoon, 123 people were killed, and over 300 people injured. More than 4.33 million people were affected at the peak of the floods and more than 300,000 houses were damaged.

In a joint effort of governments, state agencies, United Nations agencies, international organizations, businesses, and individuals, World Vision implemented relief activities in its three Area Programs (AP) in Trà Bồng (Quang Ngai province), Phuoc Son, and Bac Tra My (Quang Nam province).

So far, World Vision has timely and effectively distributed 139,000 kg of rice and 1,700 supplementary food packages for 2,300 households (9,200 people) in the provinces of Quang Ngai and Quang Nam, contributing to the recovery of affected households, especially families with children and people with disabilities. The total value of the relief goods is over $100,000 (about 2.3 billion VIetnam Dong).

World Vision is collaborating with local partners to reach more families affected by this Typhoon.