It Takes Malawi to End Child Marriage


In Malawi, World Vision is contributing to the organisation’s global campaign, It takes a world to end violence against children, which aims to catalyze a global movement of people committed to keeping children safe from harm.

Our Ambition

To positively impact on our children by achieving a 20% reduction in cases of child marriage in Malawi by 2021, making a significant contribution towards ending violence against children as a contribution towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

We want all violence against children to stop. We believe it is possible. We will strive for this and we call on our leaders to do more to make it happen. To keep children safe, we ask leaders to make sure laws and systems are in place to protect them, that the people who care for children are supported, that those who hurt children are punished and that safe environments are provided for children to grow and learn.

 It Takes a World to End Violence Against Children