World Vision conducts largest aid operation ever launched in Malawi

20 July 2016, Blantyre, MALAWI -  World Vision, the World Food Programme (WFP) and government of Malawi will implement a food aid programme worth at least US$56 million to reach 1,039,049 people – over 80 percent of which is food aid.

WFP is partnering with World Vision to respond in Mwanza, Zomba, Chikwawa and Neno districts. While most of the aid will be in the form of food distributions, some people will also receive cash transfers. Widespread drought across Malawi and Southern Africa has left at least 60 million people across the continent in need of humanitarian aid.

“I wish I were here celebrating your crops. Sadly, I am here because your crops failed this year,” said Ertharin Cousin, Executive Director of WFP during a visit to the project.

World Vision Malawi's Food Assistance Manager Andrew Chimera said, “This program is indicative of the huge need currently – not only in Malawi but across Southern Africa. People are doing their best to cope, but the climate is working against them.”

Mary William (35) held her three-month old son tightly as she told World Vision that, in years past, she would call on her family members for support. This year, however, her whole village is facing one of its worst food crises ever after poor harvests that have pushed the entire country to the brink of famine. According to the Malawi Government, 6.5 million people, or nearly 40 percent of the country’s population is in dire need of emergency food assistance from the month of August to March, 2017.

“It is important that you let the world know that you do not want your children to go hungry; that you work hard and that all you want this year is some help because your crops failed,”

Notes to Editors

-          In 2015, World Vision provided food assistance to 8.8 million people in 33 Countries

-         World Vision uses cash, vouchers, and food commodities in programmes such as school meals, maternal, child health and assistance for people living with HIV/AIDS