Rearing pigs to improve family economy

Kesraj, 7, is a World Vision sponsored child. He lives with his family in the remote eastern part of Kailali district in Nepal. His family depended on subsistence farming for their livelihood, but now have an opportunity to increase their family income- by rearing and selling pigs.

Ram Kumari, Kesraj’s mother attended a pig rearing training organised with the help of World Vision, after which they received three piglets. The training focused on income generation through professional livestock rearing using advanced techniques.

She and the other trainees learned about sheds, disease, and food requirements for the proper development of pigs including production for income.

Ram Kumari shares, “The training taught me how to rear pigs in a way that can be sold for a good value in the market. Soon after the training, I built a pig shed in my backyard and now all of us, including my son, are involved in rearing the piglets we received. We are glad we will soon have a source of income from this.”

World Vision trained 30 community people, including women, in four Village Development Committees in the east of Kailali; providing skills and knowledge in improved livestock practices to help improve the economy of disadvantaged communities. 

The project aims to ensure parents can provide well for their children.