Discourse book on child marriage

Friday, April 20, 2018

As part of the external launch of 'It takes Nepal to end childmarriage' camapign, and given the causes and consequences of child marriage, discussion on various aspects were conducted in three parallel thematic sessions. The discourse book captures the discussion that took place during the event and is intended to generate a discourse on the practice of child marriage. It also aims to suggest to policymakers, policies that might prevent the violation of children’s rights that child marriage results in. It summarises available data and evidence, offers advice on the many issues involved, and suggests actions to reduce and eventually eliminate child marriage.

Chapter 1 offers a background on the ITAW campaign and why Nepal will be working to end child marriage through ‘It Takes Nepal to End Child Marriage’ campaign. Chapter 2 offers an understanding on the causes and consequences of child marriage, followed in Chapter 3 by three discussion papers on the legalities of child marriage, the role of the media on child marriage, and the role of youth in end child marriage. Chapter 4 briefly discusses international instruments relating to child marriage, and why child marriage is prevalent world-wide, despite efforts at international level. Chapter 5 presents the national instruments to end child marriage. The final chapter summaries the points made in the book, with key points of the discourse on child marriage.