Ha Anh Tuan becomes Goodwill Ambassador of It Takes a World campaign

Hanoi, 22 November 2017Singer Ha Anh Tuan has been officially appointed as the Goodwill Ambassador for the five-year global campaign on “Ending violence against children at home and school” of World Vision Vietnam in corporation with the Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA). 

Alongside advances in education, physical punishment is still one of the most widely used methods for educating children, which negatively affects the physical and mental development of children.According to the thematic report on intervention and support for the violated children through the child counselling and supporting hotline 1800 1567 (Children Department - MOLISA, June 2017), out of 698 cases of children receiving support from the Child Protection Hotline from 2012 to May 2017, 91.7% of the children had endured physical violence; 56.9% of them were under the age of 10; the highest proportion (63.2%) of physical violence cases against children occurred at home and while 20.1% happened at schools. 

Limited awareness and outdated perceptions are the main causes of physical violence against childrenat home and school in Vietnam. Idioms and proverbs such as "Spare the rod, spoil the child" are still used by a large number of parents and teachers to discipline children.

At the launch event, Tran Thu Huyen – National Director of World Vision Vietnam stated: “When parents and teachers are careful with their attitude and behaviour towards children, the positive impact will not be limited to home and school, but will spread in society. The social environment will also gradually become safer for children to grow up physically and psychologically.”

As the Goodwill Ambassador of the campaign, singer Ha Anh Tuan will help raise the awareness about the negative impacts of physical violence on the development of children as well as encouraging parents and teachers to improve their thinking and approach in children's education. In the coming time, Ha Anh Tuan will spread the campaign’s messages and call on everyone to take action to build a healthy and safe living environment that will enable children to maximize their potential through major and local events and through mass media.

Ha Anh Tuan is a famous singer in Vietnam. He is not only loved by his well-known music productions but also known as an active member of society through his enthusiastic participation in volunteer activities. Regarded as a positive public figure, Ha Anh Tuan has great influence on the public, especially young people. "I believe that as a Goodwill Ambassador of the campaign, I will be able to make a positive impact on all levels of society, so that we can admit and eliminate the outdated educational concept that promotes physical punishment against children. We should bring up the children to become the people we want to be surrounded with," stated Ha Anh Tuan, at the Launch Event of the campaign on “Ending physical violence against children at home and school”.