World Vision youth festival to strengthen civic engagement

More than 550 young people from across the country will gather in Phnom Penh for a youth festival today to encourage each other in civic participation.

While celebrating being Cambodian youth, the young people will strengthen ties and discuss their civic involvement, contributing to decisions that will impact their futures.

 World Vision’s Soksophea Suong said that as the future leaders of Cambodia, it is important for youth to come together and share about their involvement and future aspirations for their country.

 “The engagement and participation of youth is essential to achieve sustainable human development as well as resilience and wellbeing,” Ms Suong said. “Yet often the opportunities for youth to engage politically, economically and socially are low.”

The festival will provide a platform to develop, nurture and strengthen youth leadership and active participation in development processes.

 “We are looking forward to the young people, that we work with across the country, coming together to collaborate on what they can do to increase youth involvement in civic matters.

“Their enthusiasm for positive change and progress can be a catalyst toward a strong future for Cambodia,” Ms Suong said.

 “The festival is a great step toward youth involvement in development processes, however more efforts are needed to raise awareness about the importance of youth civic engagement and its benefits to the individual and to society,” Ms Suong said.









We warmly invite the media to attend the 2015 National Youth Festival. 


Location:  Cambodia-Korea Cooperation Center,







Royal University of Phnom Penh


Time:     8:30am - 10am, youth from across the country will present their ideas and experiences of civic engagement.

For an interview with Ms Soksophea Suong or for more information please contact:

Gabrielle Brophy on 012 886 435 or