Youth for Change Project in Cambodia

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Young people under 30 in Cambodia make up almost 60% of the total population with the majority living in rural areas. While this represents a significant opportunity for economic growth, social change and innovation, young people in Cambodia face many challenges which prevent them from being equipped and empowered to create a positive future for themselves, their families, and communities. These include lack of confidence, skills and experiences in using their voice to enact accountability and participate in decision-making; unrealized potential to lead change through social action; lack of preparation and readiness among youth for transitioning into active and sustainable livelihoods; and vulnerable youth’s inability to keep themselves safe and healthy. The majority of Cambodian young people have little or no education, live in poverty, experience social exclusion and have low employment prospects. 

The project's major goal is to ensure that adolescents and youth participate as agents of positive change. There are three main expected outcomes from the project:

  1. Adolescents/youth have improved life skills and assets for positive self-concept and future orientation.
  2. Adolescents/youth can lead social change.
  3. Positive, caring, and nurturing relationships are developed between adolescents and adults including parents, peers, facilitators, and community members.