Nepal COVER Project SitRep 11 (Updated 8 July 2020) cover

Nepal COVER Project SitRep 11 (Updated 8 July 2020)

Some of the major highlights of the Nepal COVID-19 Emergency Response (COVER) Project, as of 8 July 2020:

  • Total 44 events of MOUs with Palikascompleted to support CP cases. So far 130 children with CP concern have been supported with referral to other services like food & hygiene kits and 4 of Sexual Abuse case were provided with medical, transportation and legal aid support.
  • Total 126 frontline workers including Women and Children service focal person of 13 districts oriented on basic Psycho-social support and communication skills.
  • Psychosocial counsellors established at 13 districts in partnership with the Center for Mental Health Counseling Services (CMCS) Nepal. Till now, 16 individual cases and 3 Group Counseling have been referred for Psychosocial counselling.
  • World Vision is airing radio program nationwide named Hamro Ghar Hamro Paathshala (6th episode completed) to contribute to the learning of children during lockdown targeting 104,000 children in working areas.
  • Material support provided to 44 local level governments to build and operate quarantine centres.
  • 1,997 households supported with Agro-input and livelihood promotion support.
  • Orientation on psychological counselling and communication skills provided to 126 frontline staffs. 
  • 28,961 people reached through social media messaging.