WV South Sudan statement following outbreak of violence in the capital, Juba, on Fri July 8

(Juba, South Sudan)- 

The violence comes on the eve of July 9- the 5th independence anniversary. 

World Vision staff are hunkered down in the Juba headquarters following an outbreak of armed fighting within the capital. At one stage shooting took place in the streets outside the World Vision compound. Jeremiah Young, WVSS, Policy, Advocacy, and Peacebuilding Advisor, said: “There are a number of us in the office compound. We can’t go anywhere as the streets are in lockdown. Our building sits in a walled compound and is fairly safe. We have supplies to keep us going.“We truly hope that those involved decide to hold back. This is a very concerning situation as it has the potential to deteriorate quickly.  The children of South Sudan have suffered years of violence, poverty and displacement that is the result of this violence. It is imperative that the chaos of the recent past is not reignited." Speaking from Juba, Young, said, “Shots and heavy shell fire could be heard ringing across the city while there has been a heavy presence of patrolling armed individuals too. For now, it seems the fighting appears to have subsided. All our staff are safe and accounted for and we hope things will get calmer now.” Please contact your World Vision office for media availability. Media contacts list