World Vision South Sudan
publication • Monday, July 10th 2017

World Vision South Sudan: Situation Report 7

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Key messages:

Deteriorating security situation: Currently there are 2 million individuals internally displaced and 1.9 million are seeking refuge in other countries (3.9 million in total). World Vision asks that all stakeholders work together more than ever before to facilitate peace and security throughout the country and to allow urgent and unimpeded access to humanitarian and development actors in the country.

Countrywide food insecurity rising: While famine is no longer declared in South Sudan, the overall food security crisis experienced across the country continues to deteriorate due, largely, to the continuation of conflict across the country. The overall number of those experiencing “severe” food insecurity has increased in size, scope, and speed country-wide reaching a record 6.0 million (50% of the population). Activities carried out to prevent a further deterioration of the food security situation must be scaled up to meet the increased needs.

Volatile economic conditions: Lack of sufficient income, high inflation, and low commodity inventories have resulted in especially high market volatility which is playing a separate, yet interconnected role in the rise in food insecurity across the country. The impact is particularly high on urban populations who rely on purchasing food from markets to survive.

Funding: The 2017 Humanitarian Response Plan is asking for US $1.6 billion to reach the 5.4 million individuals considered most vulnerable of the 7.5 million identified as requiring humanitarian and protection support in South Sudan.

Cholera: Cumulatively, 4,200 cases reported since the beginning of this year. New cholera alerts have been detected and reported from Tonj East and Rumbek North. Cholera response teams are coordinating a health and WASH response to address this health crisis.

More details, response programming statistics available in attached report.