#COVID19: Children in South Sudan learn handwashing to keep themselves safe from the pandemic

Seven-year-old Helen Karama looked small but she is already aware of how important handwashing is at this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. "I wash my hands before I go to the child-friendly space, as soon as I arrive home and every time after touching anything."

Last year, a total of 151,497 children have participated in various learning and other activities in World Vision's child-friendly spaces (CFSs) set-up in its four operational zones in South Sudan. Social worker Sebit James discussed the proper handwashing technique once again with the children in Juba CFS.

"Girls and boys have access to child-friendly information about the virus, including safe sanitation and hygiene techniques. CFSs help to ensure normalcy and routine - in a safe and creative way, while respecting social distance - at a time when we're all making adjustments to how we interact with one another", says Vanessa Saraiva, Senior Advisor on Protection and Gender.

Helen Karama, now a handwashing expert in her own right, shared how she diligently do it at home and when she goes to learn in World Vision's child-friendly space in Juba. 


6-years old Sarah Juru does handwashing with a smile after learning how to do it properly.


Morris Jada Dominic, 9-years-old, discusses what he has learned from the handwashing session and promised to share the information to his family. He requested one of the volunteers to talk to his mother about COVID-19 and why handwashing is important.


Social worker Sebit James guides one of the children in proper handwashing. The children were very attentive during the session and were all keen to learn how they can avoid the COVID-19 including their families.


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Photos by Scovia Faida Charles Duku, Communications Officer