Emergency support to Gedeo-Guji returnees

World Vision Brightens My Darkened Life, A Seed of Hope

Chirku Village some 16 kms west of Yirgachefe Town was one of kebele where 867 households were displaced due to ethnic violence. Tariku Shiferaw, married and with a child, represents one of the displaced households. During displacement, his residence and bakery shop were burnt and his kiosk, along with other property, was looted.

Recalling moment of displacement, he says, “The displacement occurred early evening without my knowledge. I did not know what to lift and what to leave. I was perplexed. Having chased us out of our houses, they plundered my kiosk, the bakery and my house possessions and burnt them all. There was nothing I can do except flee holding my little son.”

Tariku and his family, along with other displaced people, had to seek sanctuary in makeshift camps at Yirgachefe Town for three months until the security situation improved. They received food support from World Vision during their stay at the collection center. Three months later, he along with the other displaced people returned to their local village.

World Vision provided a corrugated sheet of iron and nails, 10 chickens, two sheep and improved seeds of maize and kidney beans for Tariku and 500 other displaced households to help them rebuild their lives, their homes and rehabilitate their livelihoods.

“I was desperate and thought that my life would never be repaired again. But now, thanks to God, World Vision’s multiple supports have brightened my darkened life and sown a seed of hope in my heart,” says Tariku. He has planted the improved maize seed. It is growing well and will be ready for harvest in two months’ time. The sheep have given birth and the chicken are laying eggs. Consuming some of the eggs for home, he is selling the rest to the market and uses the money he earns from eggs for purchasing additional food for his family.