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Mayamiko reads a scripture passage to his friends during the weekly bible club

Bible Club Helps Boy Find His Way

14-year old Mayamiko aspires to be a doctor but his performance at school was not impressive.

"I was a bully and I hardly concentrated on my studies so my grades were always very poor," he confessed.

In a bid to reverse this behavior and ensure spiritual growth in his son, Mayamiko's father asked him to join Mvokiwa Bible Club in Dindi Area Program in Phalombe district. “Being sent to the Bible Club was one of the best gifts my father has ever given me,” says Mayamiko. 

The lessons from the Club did not only reform him spiritually, but also his performance in class and behavior at home improved.

"My favorite verses are Luke 19:1-10 because it gave me hope that repentance and salvation is for everyone, I can change to the better just like Zacchaeus, and Ephesians 6:1 which taught me that God wants us to be obedient to our parents," he adds.

"When I first joined, I did not know the word of God but the pastors here gently lead us on which path to follow to do right by God and ourselves," adds Mayamiko. Barely a year ago, Mayamiko could not recite a single verse from the Bible, but now he does not only recite verses, he ably preaches and teaches his friends about the gospel. He is a good boy at home, and works hard in school.

For him, this can be attributed to the dedication and patience of his Bible Club mentor, Apostle Kanyaboma Lazaro.

Apostle Lazaro, however, refuses to take all the credit.

"World Vision trained me and 19 other members of our Pastors Fraternal, on several topics, including how to handle and effectively teach the children and adolescents. They provided us with books and sporting equipment such as balls," he says.

"If we could get more learning materials and toys, it will attract more children to attend our fortnightly gatherings. The pastors also need to be supported with transport because they travel long distances on foot to reach other children," says Apostle Lazaro.

He further adds that apart from making a positive change in the lives of children such as Mayamiko, the Bible Clubs have also enhanced inter-denominational unity, as the clubs welcome every child regardless of their church affiliation.

"But what excites me more is that in our club we also have children who do not belong to any church so this is the only chance they get to learn about Christ, God's Kingdom and salvation," concludes Apostle Lazaro.

World Vision implements this project to boost the children’s knowledge on the word of God and to reduce cases of immorality by grooming the children at a tender age.