Equal Opportunities - Equal Impact

Aya and Sarah conducting door to door awareness sessions in Azraq Camp for the Solid Waste Management Programme.
Monday, August 28, 2023

When people feel confident enough to create positive change, they are empowered. This is one of World Vision’s goals in Azraq Camp. Under the Solid Waste Management [SWM] Programme, Syrians create their own opportunities and take advantage of what they already have for a better life.

Sarah, 39, and Aya*, 36, are among 1,953 females [out of 3,235 from January 2023 until May 2023] who maintain the camp’s environment. We are joining them today. 

But how do they implement the Green Programme? 

They’re part of a well-rounded team. “We conduct door-to-door visits and explain green waste management principles,” shares Aya.  To avoid the camp’s unforgiving temperatures, they start their day 9:30 am, pack water and umbrellas. After that, they map out the houses.   

            Warm Houses - Open Minds

            Warm Houses- Open Minds


Before beginning the session Sarah and Aya briefly explain the reason behind their visit.  People are welcoming.

Reem’s* family opened their hearts and minds. While actively listening, she became aware of the waste management process. With 40,427 people in the camp, it’s crucial to properly manage waste to avoid infectious diseases.

We have three barrels in the camp, green, blue and orange. Each serves a purpose. The green is for organic waste, the blue is for recyclable and the orange is for paper and books,” Sarah shares. As most of the waste comes out of homes, understanding the separation and disposal of waste is the first step.

            Warm Houses- Open Minds


Aya talks about safely disposing of hazardous materials like needles, and broken glass. “I wrap them in newspapers or put them in a box. I wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt processing them,” Reem proudly follows. Before leaving, Reem showed the waste separation system she installed. “I use three tanks, one for organic, one for cans and another for sharp objects,” she proudly mentions.

            Warm Houses- Open Minds


Sarah always sheds light on the good work her colleagues do at the Green Centre. So, whatever support the residents begin with at home extends to the workers at the centre.

Volunteers at the Green Centre


The Heroes Behind the Programme

Aya in front of her house


Who is Aya and what did she go through before arriving in Jordan?

Fear drove us out in 2012. My younger sister almost lost her speaking ability from the horror. The sound of bombs kept ringing in our ears. At any second a missile would hit and kill us, It’s impossible to forget what we witnessed.

Aya is an avid GO GREEN believer, but why was she looking for a job?

I have an eye condition. My son accidentally opened a can and it flew scratching my cornea. It caused blood to accumulate and build pressure in my eye. I require an operation. Unfortunately, it isn’t covered by the medical insurance here”.

What’s Aya’s contribution to a clean environment?

We have a message to get to the public. We talk about the Programme, its goal, our work and the donors who support us. We also explain where the waste goes, the Green Centre. It is an amazing opportunity.  Aya ends. 

Sarah and her family


Knowing Sarah and the reasons behind the resilient personality

The shelling sealed our fate. So we left in 2014 and came here. I remember once, plans were causally flying, I gathered my children but my husband told me we’re safe. We were frightened because our house was struck by one.

It takes a village and a support system

One of Sarah’s children has a medical condition which affected his cognitive abilities, “Until he reaches 18, his life is a risk but I am adamant about helping him. He needs periodic tests and medications. We can barely cover that and our debit is increasing”. Her husband’s support also enables her to venture into the outside world knowing her child is safe, “I don’t leave him unaccompanied, he might open the door and walk out,” Sa’ed* shares.

A noble cause at heart despite the challenges

 There’re people who are resistant. Everyone has their circumstances. Once we wanted to talk to a man. He said he was busy. We assured him we will be considerate of his time and briefed him quickly. He listened carefully”. She continues, “The training helps us reach more people. The supervisors invest in building our capacity and improving our skills. They maintain open lines of communication it goes a long way.


A word from a colleague to a colleague

I appreciate the great work they do. They help us stay in a clean environment. We see their hard work. It’s amazing! Sarah applauses the workers.

Aya also mentions, “We went to the Green Centre and we saw the good work they do. Thank you”.

Volunteers at the Green Centre

*Names have been changed to protect identities. 


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