Monday, October 5, 2015
A Child Friendly Space provides relief for refugee children in Serbia
On October 4th, World Vision, together with UNICEF, opened a Child Friendly Space (CFS) for refugees crossing at the Bapska border between Serbia and Croatia. In CFS, children are able to spend time playing and drawing, while mothers were provided with space to breast-feed and rest."It is very important to have space for women and children where they can have protection and privacy as well as some normalcy," said Weihui Wang, World Vision's Child Protection and Participation Lead in Serbia. 
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Disaster Risk Reduction - Science over tradition in earthquake aftermath
By Echo ChowChildren, including four-year-old Xiaoxiao, play joyfully in the tented resettlement area in Huijiezi Township, Ludian county of Yunnan province, China.Not long ago, Xiaoxiao liked to help her parents work in the fields, along with her eight-year-old brother. They lead a peaceful life until a strong earthquake struck last year.On 3 August 2014, a 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck Ludian County, Yunnan province, killing 620 people and injuring more than 3,000.  Xiaoxiao remembers that day vividly.
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October 2nd 2015
Children draw their dreams about Syria
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June 19th 2015
Something to smile—and sing—about: child-friendly spaces for Rohingya refugees
Amina, 10, is one of 450,000 Rohingya children living in the world’s largest refugee camp located in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Fleeing violence that erupted in Myanmar in August 2017, Amina and her mother, Hamida walked for 15 days to reach safety. Amina’s father was killed on the journey.Adjusting to life in the refugee camp has been difficult. But Amina has reason to smile now; she has hope for a better future. 
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February 24th 2019
42 new World Vision community kitchens help free children from firewood collecting
Ummah, 8, is happy that she no longer has to spend her days collecting firewood, thanks to the new World Vision community kitchen that recently opened near her house.“It’s a long way. We had to walk at least three hours to reach the forest where we collected firewood,” says Ummah. “Sometimes thorns jabbed our hands and feet. After gathering the firewood, we had to carry the loads back. By the time we reached home, our bodies ached.”
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November 28th 2018
Here's why Child Friendly Spaces are so dear to World Vision
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August 3rd 2018
Christine lost her father in the conflict in the Kasais provinces of DRC, and spent months hiding in the bush with her family
Caught up in the chaos in Kasais | 15-year-old Christine tells her story
After a relatively short drive from Kananga we arrive at a sun-drenched soccer pitch at one of World Vision’s Child Friendly Spaces in Kasai Central, in the centre of the DRC. Girls are running up and down, chasing the ball as small children cluster under a pavilion nearby and sing and play hand games. It’s a joyful, boisterous scene, but unfortunately, one that wouldn’t have been possible a year before. 
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May 31st 2018
Over 3,000 children who fled South Sudan’s long-running conflict find refuge in child-friendly spaces
By Lisi Emmanuel Alex, Communications Officer, World Vision South SudanIt has been exactly one year since Beatrice lost both parents and never met her siblings. “My parents were killed in Yei while they were burning charcoals. When the war started, life was hard and one day my parents went in to the bush to burn charcoals to sell and and buy food – the shooting started and I ran alone. I later heard they were all killed,” explained Beatrice.
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May 11th 2018