Wednesday, September 28, 2016
New-found confidence
Born with malformation in her legs and arms and bypassed by other villagers, Tham was recluse in her community. She chose to live a quiet life with her adopted child Thuong, who is now eight-years-old. Without capital, land and literacy, her full-time job was peeling lotus seeds, which only earned her roughly 6,000 dong ( about 3 cents) a day. Today, the single mother is expecting her cow and pig to bear some offspring. “It all started with the cow,” says Tham.
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Rose Mary Hou received the cooking competition's winning prize from a representative of Origin Gas
The healthiest meal in South Malaita
Meet Rose Mary Hou, the winner of World Vision’s cooking competition at the 2016 South Malaita Yam Festival. Rose walked away with a single-burner stove after she bested 12 other competitors. The challenge was to cook a balanced meal, using locally found ingredients, without the use of any processed items. World Vision’s Maternal Child Health and Nutrition project organized the competition to raise awareness around healthy meals for children and families.      
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August 10th 2016
kNOw Hunger Ride
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October 31st 2015
Malnutrition is costing Laos a small fortune
by Amelia F. Merrick, National Director, World Vision LaosBalloons and streamers hung from trees. A large, vibrating loud speaker announced this as a day to remember in Atsaphone district. A small irrigation dam was officially being handed over to the community.Farm families from three neighboring villages gathered to celebrate. They were converting their dusty land into nutritious home gardens. Children filled watering cans and showered slender green chives and frilly lettuce with water. Patches of bright green bud through the sandy soil.
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May 9th 2014
Children's breakfast Project battling under nourishment in Thailand
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November 7th 2012
Nutrition classes help improve children’s health
“Giving your children what they want doesn’t make you a good mother. You have to know what they need especially on food”.“I have four children and all of them used to ask money from me or their father to buy junk foods and soft drinks in the sari-sari (variety) store, just close to our house. Every time my husband had a good catch from fishing, we indulged them.”“During meal time, I only prepare dried or fried fish for them because it was the only food they used to eat, aside from the fact that is cheap and convenient for us.”
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October 30th 2012
World Vision and WFP Provide in Mali Crisis
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June 25th 2019