The end of a nightmare at Loboudou school
Wednesday, July 10, 2019
The end of a nightmare at Loboudou school
Loboudou primary school, located at 67 km from the city of Boghé in Mauritania, had water supply problems and very limited access to latrines because of the number of girls and boys and also the oldness of the latrines system, which put students in total insecurity.
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Our Light in the Dark
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February 20th 2019
Evangelino’s family’s health improves after accessing clean water and sanitation
Devia, nine years old, lives in Baucau and studies at primary school. She is one of five children of Evangelino, 45 years old, and Jacinta, 31 years old. Her family used to walk two kilometres to collect clean water from a spring. Jacinta said that previously, the distance between the water spring and her house was too far away, so they didn’t have enough clean water, which resulted in the poor health and hygiene of her children.  “In the past, my parents took water from a spring for drinking and bathing.
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January 8th 2019
Partnering with churches to bring change to Gemena
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December 13th 2018
Elmo is bringing students and teachers together in Iraq
Hands shot up across Dunia’s third-grade classroom as she asked questions about clean water, handwashing, and hygiene. This was not her average math session that she usually teaches. Today, Dunia was facilitating a lesson developed in partnership with Sesame Street to teach kids about WASH: Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene, and her students could not have been more excited about it. Bursting to answer, many of the girls jumped right out of their seats.
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December 11th 2018
Latrine, a Happy Place?!
A typical rural household in Ethiopia has a sanitation facility very close to the bare minimum. But even with that, it’s not a fun place to be around for more than few minutes. Nigussie Refera, 48 and a father of eight seems to have defied that in the small village of Weldo Telfam, Wonchi district in Oromia.“Toilets are seen as the last place you would want to stay because they’re usually dirty and unsafe for health. That’s the attitude I wanted to break in my house and among neighbors,” he says.
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September 24th 2018