World Vision voices concern as Aleppo 'almost out of food'

Children’s charity World Vision is voicing concern following the news that food supplies in eastern Aleppo have almost completely run out. The Food Security and Livelihoods Cluster, formed of food specialists from aid agencies, say there are no longer any World Food Program supplies in this part of the besieged city. Little food stocks from only one other NGO remain. Angela Huddleston, World Vision’s head of programmes for Northern Syria, said:  “The spectre of hunger and malnutrition is another devastating blow for the children of Aleppo. It’s a grave development and signals a new low in this horrific conflict.  “It’s likely to mean more cases of malnutrition, and we expect young children to be worst affected. We’re supporting a local hospital for children in the city, and we believe staff will soon see the effects of this food shortage. There’s increased risk of disease and developmental delays for children.”