Putting Children First: Toward a Brighter Future for Syrian Children

Monday, March 4, 2019

On the eve of the eight year anniversary of the conflict in Syria, over 6 million Syrians are internally displaced within Syria and over 5.6 million have been forced to seek refuge outside of Syria. In Syria alone, almost 12 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance, 5 million of whom are children.

World Vision welcomes the opportunity to engage in the third Syria Donors Conference in Brussels and amplify the voices of children and youth affected by this crisis. World Vision calls on international and national decision makers to prioritise the best interests of children by protecting children from grave violations, forced returns, and other forms of violence, by meeting children’s basic needs, and by supporting principled humanitarian action inside Syria so that humanitarian actors can continue to provide life-saving assistance to the most vulnerable children, families and communities.