Prime Minister of Timor-Leste visits World Vision's mothers club.

As agreed and committed to during a previous meeting, on 19th May 2015 the Prime Minister of Timor Leste, Dr. Rui Maria de Araujo, along with his wife Dra. Tereza Soares, and the delegation from his office visited a World Vision Mothers Club called Grupu Inan Weikun located in Leohitu Village, Bobonaro Municipality.

The Mothers Club was formed in November 2012 with helps of Village Leader and the PSFs member (Health Promoter). The objective of this mothers club is to be able to improved and sustained nutrition of the children under 5 in that respective village. The Group has exist with 16 members of mothers.

The chief of the group, Mrs. Dolorosa dos Santos, welcomed the Prime Minister and presented their daily activities in improving the nutrition of their children and how their working relationship with the health practitioner in that village and specially their participation in the SISCA (outreach) program. The Prime Minister was very happy by the enthusiasm of the group.