Vehicle and resources handed over to local partners

At the car handover ceremony (from left): World Vision country director Samaresh Nayak, Ministry of Health Director Sr José dos Reis Magno, Public Health Head of Department Carlito Correia Freitas and Baucau Head of DHS Gelasio Antonio Pereira.

A European Union and World Vision vehicle was formally handed over to the Ministry of Health on 23 January as part of a transfer of resources to benefit local people in Baucau district.

The vehicle, a 4 wheel-drive Toyota Hilux, was used in a four-year food security and nutrition project run by World Vision and funded by the European Union. The resources have been transferred to local partners to ensure the project’s ongoing sustainability.

In the presence of European Union Ambassador, Ms Sylvie Tabesse, the vehicle was handed over to the Director General of the Ministry of Health, Sr José dos Reis Magno, in a ceremony at the Ministry in Dili.

Other resources will be handed over in Baucau on 24 January. Three motorcycles will go the Ministry of Agriculture so that MAF extension staff can reach remote villages to support local agriculture. Four computers will transfer to village councils and community health centres.

In Dili, Mr Samaresh Nayak, Country Director of World Vision Timor-Leste, said the vehicle will be used to reach remote communities in Baucau, Vemasse and Venilale sub-districts, particularly to support the work of mobile health centres under the SISCa program. He thanked the European Union and the Ministry of Health who have worked together to bring positive changes to the sub-districts.

Ambassador Tabesse emphasised the importance of the vehicle as the Ministry of Health develops health services throughout Baucau district. Director General Sr José dos Reis Magno said the vehicle transfer is an important step in strengthening nutrition activities through the SISCa program.