My goat, my hope

Tang lives in a poor household in a remote mountainous village in Muong Cha district, Dien Bien province. He wanted to raise goats to earn money enough for him to care for his three children but he had neither capital to buy goats nor appropriate knowledges of animal husbandry.

Tang has sold the goats and earned around US $320 that he has used for family expenses and bought some new materials.

In 2013, Tang’s desire was fulfilled when World Vision’s Area Development Program in Muong Cha provided him with two goats. World Vision and local vets also trained him and other households on goat rearing techniques. Due to his hard work and determination, Tang has been able to develop a herd of 12 goats.

“I sold several litters of goats, earning around US $320 that I’ve used for family expenses and bought some new materials,” says Tang.

Tang's family.

While getting initial successes, Tang has also faced challenges as many goats have got sick.

“Goats often get sick in the rainy season," says Tang. “Thanks to be trained and a veterinary medicine cabinet that World Vision has placed at my village, I’ve been aware that I need to buy appropriate medicines and get my goats vaccinated. So that I could limit the amount of death cases.”

Tang has four goats that he has kept for breeding. “I want to learn more new techniques to develop a new healthy herd,” confides Tang. “With World Vision’s support in the form of breeds and knowledge, my family has no longer gone hungry. My three kid, therefore, have been getting healthier. I hope my family’s living condition is gradually improving.”

Vietnamese story by Cao Duc Viet, Development facilitator, Muong Cha ADP