My name is Tầm Nhìn [World Vision]

“My name is Tầm Nhìn [World Vision],” says six-year-old Vân Kiều ethnic minority child living in the mountainous district of Hướng Hóa, Quảng Trị province.

“I named him Tầm Nhìn [World Vision] to show our gratitude to World Vision,” says proudly the boy’s father Mr. Tiếp. “We see hope, we see future for our children since the day World Vision has come to work with our community members.”

Tầm Nhìn’s parents bring him with his birth certificate to school to complete his enrolment file for Grade 1, the first year of primary education.

For the first time, his school will start the new school year together with all other ones in Vietnam nationwide on the same day 05 September onwards.

Tầm Nhìn is among 425 children who will enter soon Grade 1 for the new school year 2015-2016 in Hướng Hóa.

Tầm Nhìn is also one of more than 4,500 children in Hướng Hóa to benefit from World Vision’s development programme*, which operates with the support of community members and local partners, so the young residents can fulfil their potentials and achieve their dreams.

*Huong Hoa Area Development Programme (Huong Hoa ADP)

Photo by Le Thiem Xuan, WV Vietnam’s Communications staff