Warm Light after Dark Days

Written by Nguyen Thi Le, Nguyen Thi Be, Dang Thi My Ai, Nguyen Huynh Anh – local partners in Hai Lang ADP
Born to a poor family in a riverside village in Quang Tri province, Na’s short life has been tough. Her father left when she was very young, her grandfather died after developing a disease, and then her mother suddenly passed away just after she started primary school.

Understandably distressed as such losses, Na dropped out of school and began living with her brother at their grandmother’s home. Their grandmother, however, struggled to earn enough money to fund even their basic food needs.

Lacking both adequate living conditions and parental care, Na was robbed of her smile and became increasingly withdrawn from people. Things looked up one day, though, when staff from World Vision’s Hai Lang Area Development Programme visited Na and her family.

To help alleviate her very difficult circumstances, Na was offered financial support for her school fees and a number of items to make her life easier. “World Vision gave me a desk to use at home, so I don’t have to do my homework on the floor anymore, and a bike to get to school more quickly,” the grade-four pupil explained with a smile.

“It was really hard to make ends meet and I didn’t know where the money for my grandchildren’s education would come from,” said Na’s grandmother. “But with World Vision’s support, I now feel there’s less burden on my shoulders.”

Seeing her playing happily with her friends and doing well now she is back at school, it is difficult to imagine that she has experienced such dark times in her young life. “Na often finishes her exercises before her classmates and she talks with me nicely,” her teacher said.

Asked about her future dream, Na answered confidently: “I want to become a teacher like my teacher.”