Members of Staff


World Vision and VisionFund Zambia have over 780 staff with community development workers and credit officers living in the communities where the organisation operates. These staff closely plan and implement activities together with the community members.

The World Vision area programmes are well-structured with a manager, finance unit and development facilitators. Development facilitators have technical skills in health, education, water, sanitation or hygiene and are available to ensure well implemented projects with engagement of all community stakeholders including traditional and faith leaders, Government and other community-based organisations.

These members of staff are employed in roles such as:

  • Literacy
  • Health
  • Livelihood
  • Protection
  • Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene
  • Credit officers
  • Humanitarian & Emergency Affairs
  • Advocacy
  • Accountants
  • Information Technology
  • Drivers
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Auditors
  • Communications
  • Among many others