Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Motivated by sponsorship
“What was considered a bleak light has become the shining light in the lives of many; I am now like a cornerstone for not only my family but the extended families as well,” says Yule Mwewa, a former World Vision sponsored child.Yule, 33, comes from Kawimbe village in Mbala Area Development Programme (ADP), about 1,075 kilometres north of Lusaka, Zambia’s capital.Born from a family of eight, Yule was one of the first sponsored children when Mbala ADP was established many years ago.
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Catherine working in her salon shop
Empowered World View Programme Helps Catherine to Dream Again
By Hendrix Kabwe, Development Facilitator Catherine Chewe, 27, has for a long time longed to transform her life and that of her family. She has tried many things to try and make it in her life. But, none have worked. “Life has not been easy,” Catherine says. “I have tried farming and worked as an untrained community schoolteacher (not on government payroll) and depended on community contributions for a wage, but that too did not work out,” she says.
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July 12th 2019
Public Warning- Fraudulent Scholarship Programme
World Vision Zambia (WVZ) would like to warn the general public that documents, including letters said to be from WVZ and asking members of the public to pay a sum of money in order for WVZ to sponsor their tertiary education in Zambia or South Africa are fraudulent and criminal.Please note that the documents about this sponsorship programme for tertiary education are not World Vision’s, they are fake. World Vision Zambia is not running any such programme.
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November 20th 2018
Lundazi communities receive relief food
Government has contracted World Vision Zambia (WVZ) to distribute 500 metric tonnes of relief food to households affected by the prolonged dry spell in Lundazi district.“World Vision Zambia has been contracted by government to distribute relief food in Lundazi.  Last month we distributed 250 metric tonnes in the valley areas of Lundazi and this month we are distributing the remaining half in the plateau area,” WVZ Humanitarian Emergency Affairs (HEA) Manager Bernard Zgambo explained.
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January 22nd 2016
WV Zambia Twikatane ADP Hands-Over Rural Health Post
The trudge towards the accomplishment of human rights may be an absent foundation in rural areas where absence of indispensable facilities remains a conduit dream.A large number of such rural communities lack sufficient water supply, health facilities and proper education.One of the areas with such a problem as to health wise is a village in Mungwi district of Northern Province in Zambia.At a village called Ngulula in Kasama, people have grown up to know nothing much about easy access to health as they have never had a clinic or a hospital close by.
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September 10th 2015
Zambia's Ambassador to the European Union in Belgium Applauds World Vision
The Zambian Ambassador  to Brussels Mrs Grace Kabwe  has commended World Vision for the transformational programmes scaled throughout the country.Speaking when the 14-year-old Maruba Libani from Lufwanyama called on her in the wake of addressing the UN conference, Mrs Kabwe described World Vision as one of the top non-governmental organisations that has been involved in  lifting the lives of the vulnerable masses.
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June 9th 2015
If I work hard, we can be able to do anything
Monde Simushi is a 53 year old widow of Mapungu zone in Nakande ADP in the Western Province of Zambia. She was given two piglets under the World Vision pass-on pig project; they multiplied to 52.When Monde Simushi had been given pigs to rear most people in her village had discouraged her saying they were demonic animals and she wouldn’t manage as a woman. But she has proven them wrong – so much so that some of them have even come to ask that she give them some piglets!
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October 9th 2012