There are three different levels at which organizations can join the Coalition. Those three levels are:

Community of Practice Participant - These organisations commit to sharing relevant case studies and research from their organizations for inclusion in the monthly resource newsletter and WebEx calls. They agree to attend the informational calls and advocate for more integration in their circles of influence. 

Associate BabyWASH Participant - These organisations want to be more involved than just attending CoP meetings, but they can't commit to contribute fully in a single workstream. Instead, they agree to assist in the review of products created by each of the workstreams. This will require a few extra meetings a year.

Core BabyWASH Participant - These organisations commit to being involved in one or more of the workstreams to move forward with material creation and help move forward the business plan of the coalition. This will require attendance at workstream meetings and time set aside to create and review materials. The three workstreams available to join are:

  1. Programme guidance - to create a toolkit for programme implementers on how to integrate effectively
  2. Integration metrics - to define metrics to measure degree to which programmes are integrated
  3. Advocacy - to change the aid structure and siloed nature of development work, especially in the first 1,000 days

BabyWASH Coalition Structure

Joining the Coalition involves a firm commitment, but no monetary contribution. The Coalition has made a commitment to the Every Woman Every Child Global Strategy, therefore, Coalition organisations are jointly responsible for fulfilling this commitment. Please contact us if you are interested in moving this work forward together.