I am singer due to World Vision

Dipa, 17, a student of Grade 11, is a popular child folk-singer in Gazipur district. Her popularity as a singer has gone beyond her expectation. She has even been hired as a guest singer in different districts of the country.

Behind any success or great achievement there are always a source of inspiration. Same for Dipa.

She says, “In fact, World Vision gave me foundation as singer at an early age when I was only a student of Grade-III. Otherwise, I cannot imagine that I could arrived at this stage.”

She was a World Vision’s sponsored child until 2013, daughter of Mohammad, 50.

"I would have lost my life if World Vision did not stand beside me."

Alongside her schooling, Dipa attended music classes regularly that World Vision arranged for children in the community. She was very attentive in the classes.

In the last week of October, Dipa placed fourth in a music competition titled ‘Magic Bauliana’ hosted by a Private Satellite TV Channel ‘Masranga’.

Dipa says, “It was a hard competition since many children from countrywide took part in the competition.” She extended love and sincere thanks to fans who supported her through giving votes through SMS.

She's won many prizes from music competitions at local level and in 2010 she also became a champion at a national level children’s music competition held in Dhaka.

The beginning of Dipa’s life did not start out easy.

Her parents were struggling to provide two meals a day for family at the time Dipa became involved with World Vision’s sponsorship programme. Her father was a green-vegetable seller and sometimes used to work as a mason, but had no regular income.

Dipa says, “I would have lost my life if World Vision did not stand beside me. When I was in Grade-III, I had been haunted by a serious kidney ailment (Nephrotic Syndrome). I received continuous treatment support for three years.”

She revealed that her parents had no any ability to afford her treatment that time. She was also provided integrated assistances such as education materials, school fees, and economic support.

Dipa with her parents and brother.

Dipa’s mother Dil, 42, took part in a World Vision-facilitated Development Group and received credit with easy installments. Gradually, with concerted effort, her parents have managed to change their lot. Even, now they own a private car and a motorbike.

Dipa extends gratitude to her sponsor for changing her life.

She says, “Dear sponsor, I can only say is thank you, thank you for all that you have done for my betterment. You invested to impact in my life.”

She hopes that the Sponsorship initiatives would continue to transform many children’s lives in Bangladesh. Dipa dreams to initiate a music academy to create opportunities for children to learn music and make spaces for smiles of children.

by Xavier Sku, Communications Specialist, World Vision Bangladesh