Parents ending poverty

Late at night, Rubina Begam would pray. She’d whisper into the darkness or simply pray silently. 

“Please save us,” she prayed night after night. 

Rubina is the mother of Hena Khatun, a eight-year-old girl, and is married to Abdul Haque. 

They lived in Daulatpur village under Birgonj upazila of Dinajpur District, the northern part of the country where extreme poverty is visible everywhere. 

For Rubina’s family, there was never enough food in the house. Abdul, her husband, was a day labourer and didn’t earn much. From the time baby Hena was born, the family was crippled by poverty. Some nights, Hena would go to bed crying for food. Buying Hena new clothes was a dream, rather than a reality. Her parents’ could not afford it.

Rubina and her family had been experiencing better life when their daughter Hena was chosen as a registered child of World Vision. She was supported by World Vision to enroll at  school along with 30 registered children of the village. Hena also receive various educational materials from World Vision along with school bag, toys, gift cards etc. like other registered children.  

As a part of World Vision's livelihood support to the poor registered children's families Rubina Begum  received orientation on livestock rearing and homestead gardening.She and her husband also started a small business in Birgonj with the support of World Vision. 

Everyday Rubina helps her husband preparing spicy ' Achar' or pickle for selling at local market. This business runs well, they earn about 8000 BDT [98 US dollars] every months. Now they can also save 450 BDT (5.50 US dollars) monthly. In addition, Rubina works in her new homestead garden that fulfils their daily vegetables needs. Meanwhile they bought two oxen with their savings that would be sold in the market after fattnening the animals.

Hena is happy with the changes in their life and says  “I like to play with my friends. I also love my mom and dad because they love me very much.They always try to fulfill all of my necessities.” 

Rubina Begam infoms that, ”Now I am the executive member of our community based organisation. Some women of this village are also encouraged to see our progress. They come to me to learn about my progress. She also added that when we were poor our dream was limited. But today we are ending our poverty; and because of this I am determined to make my daughter well educated and an enlighted citizen.''