Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: Does this competition have to be in English only?

A: What is the business incubation phase? The competition can be done in either Bangla or English. At this point, we are unable to include any additional languages due to limitations in our resource pool.

Q: Can people with speech/hearing/sight limitations participate?

A: Participants with sight/speech/hearing limitations should contact the organizing team. In this case, special arrangements can be made for the final presentation round, such as allowing a non-team member to present vocally during the final presentation (speech impairment assistance), having text-based Q&A sessions (hearing impairment assistance). Currently, there are no provisions for holistic support from the organizer side for a fully sight-impaired team.

Q: What is the technical development plan?

A: This is the phase of the competition where the basic plan submitted in the first round is developed to show that it is technically possible to achieve under real-world conditions. This can involve the product design, designing the necessary components for a service idea, etc.

Q: Can one team submit more than one plan?

A: Each team can only submit one plan.

Q: Can the same team have students and professionals?

A: Yes. But students will have to register under their department and Institution and professionals will have to register under their designation and organization. For working students, either one is enough. They don't have to register as both.