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Every girl

deserves to be

free of fear


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Right now, thousands of girls urgently need sponsors to help them build a fearless future

Through Child Sponsorship, you can contribute to a generation of fearless girls. When you sponsor a girl, you can help set her free of fear. Free to learn, grow and to be the fearless girl she’s born to be.

Enough is Enough

See how child sponsorship helps girls live lives free of fear

Millions of girls and women live in fear of violence - just because they are girls. 

We know also that there is a stark reality where all women and girls live with some element of fear in their lives.

Child sponsorship enables programmes that work to change social norms, guide and educate communities - including men and boys - to help create a world where a future free of fear can be possible for everyone. 

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Join our movement to sponsor 1,000 girls by October 11 - International Day of the Girl

Note: You will be redirected to your country's support office to complete the sponsorship process.

Girls' lives changed through child sponsorship

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