Jesus: The Source of Living Water

Friday, March 10, 2017

Jesus: The Source of Living Water is an effective tool in holistic transformation development aimed at the sustained wellbeing and spiritual nurture of children. The booklet integrates biblical teachings into WASH to provide material for use at household level in behavioral change that enhances a clean and safe natural environment for a healthy child. The provision of clean water, a good sanitary environment is integrated with the Scripture teachings about Jesus Christ who is the source of living water and subsequently assists to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of a child, family and community. The latter is intended to help the communities appreciate another angle of vision to natural water; the eternal perspective associated with it, to a resource they have always used for generations.

Jesus: The Source of Living Water English edition was first produced in Zambia in 2012 with financial support from Zambia’s Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Program. Prior to its implementation the booklet was pre-tested and piloted in a few ADPs before its roll out in two communities in the Southern part of the country. The impact was so great that there was a need to scale up its implementation in other communities in Zambia, the Southern Africa Region and beyond. However, at a meeting of stakeholders in Choma in March, 2015, the partners who attended the Christian Commitments and WASH integration Learning Event agreed to strengthen the material and consider making translations to meet the needs of communities whose mother language is not English. Ever since, there have been translations in Ci-Chewa, Ci-Tonga and French and plans are underway to include other languages within the region and introduce audio products for children in our communities.