Faith engagement in WASH

WASH plays a significant role in World Vision’s global effort to enhance the well-being of communities, especially children, by addressing issues of poverty and injustice. Our WASH programmes are also privileged to serve and partner with communities in multiple faith contexts around the world. Eighty-five per cent of the world’s population is religious, and this is especially true in many of the world’s poor communities. Because we are an openly Christian, faith-based organisation, our WASH programmes are uniquely positioned to engage effectively with the heart and spirituality of the communities we serve. We strive to leverage our Christian faith identity in sensitive and appropriate ways. This positions us to effectively engage in multi-faith environments, and serves to enhance our efforts in achieving long-lasting, positive changes in attitudes and behaviour relative to water use, sanitation and hygiene practice.

In many of the places we work, our WASH programmes are distinctively successful because we are intentional about effectively engaging with the most trusted community leaders – many of whom are religious leaders (imams, pastors, priests and others) – to discuss and learn from one another about issues of child well-being and community health. In doing so, we engage their support and mobilise them as key community advocates as we implement our WASH programmes.

One of World Vision’s core values is that “we value all people – we regard all people as created and loved by God”. We believe that through our WASH programmes, and as part of World Vision’s holistic ministry, we participate in God’s intervention in all aspects of life leading to spiritual and social transformation. Through these faith-related engagements, we seek to be a tangible demonstration of God’s love and care, build needed trust in mixed-faith environments, and help restore dignity and hope in the poorest of communities.


Our faith engagement in WASH work is lead by WASH Director of Faith Leadership Ray Norman. Learn more about Ray and our global leadership on our WASH experts page.