Women's International Day - 8 March

The theme for this year's International Women's Day on 8 March "DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality" and #EmbraceEquity


Girls and boys have the right to education. World Vision works to make sure girls get into and stay in school and supports their learning and life skills by promoting an equitable home, community, and school environment that encourages learning for both girls and boys. World Vision also works with wider Education systems on equitable and effective policy and resourcing, as well as addressing broader harmful social and gender norms and practices that marginalises children, including girls.

Girls Educaiton



Did You Know?

  •  37% of women do not use the internet. 259 million fewer women have access to the Internet than men, even though they account for nearly half the world's population.
  • By 2050, 75% of jobs will be related to STEM areas. Yet today, women hold just 22% of positions in artificial intelligence, to name just one. (WEF Report)
  • A study of 51 countries revealed 38 per cent of women had personally experienced online violence. (2022 Gender Snapshot Report)


At World Vision:

  • WV Afghanistan - in FY21 36 local female teachers trained in teaching methodology and life skills. 600 girls completed accelerated learning classes and received primary education certificates
  • WV Zimbabwe - ProFuturo Digital learning project focussed on ICT literacy among teachers and learns - this resulted in a total of 73,466 learners with  52% being female (38,566) 
  • WV Rwanda - watch the video below - In Rwanda, generational illiteracy is robbing children of their futures. Here’s a story of two mothers—Pertonile and Cecile. Pertonile is literate and Cecile is not. For a while it looked as if Cecile’s daughter, Dorcas, might follow the same path as she struggled in school and Cecile couldn’t help. But now World Vision’s Unlock Literacy program helps Dorcas to thrive in her education.


DYK (in FY22) at World Vision, out of the 2.8m adults acquiring Education - 54% were women and 22k were women with a disability!


All Children Reading


Take a look at this inspiring video from World Vision Nicaragua where communities are coming together to help each other.

For the past 3 years, Brenda has become a promoter of Reading Clubs in her church in Nicaragua and 7 other congregations. Her dedication to children's education has allowed her to bring great changes to both girls and boys aged 6-12!

259 million fewer women have access to the Internet than men!

At International Women’s Day: Embracing Equity for a Better World

By Ana Tenorio