Ghana Celebrates Esther Lehmann-Sow

Staff of the Ghana national office on Friday, February 23, 2018 celebrated Esther Lehmann-Sow’s (WAR Leader) contribution to World Vision’s work in West Africa as she transitions into her new role as Partnership Leader for Faith and Development.  

Some members of the Senior Leadership Team and staff took turns to share testimonials and their fondest memories of Esther during a Joint devotion program.

Dickens Thunde, National Director in his testimony mentioned how Esther lives a child-centered life. He said “Esther has a soft spot for children and will do anything to protect them”.

Washington, Hub Communications Manager-Ghana & Sierra Leone also said “Esther is one of the first people to like a post on the Ghana Facebook page. And this always assures me she is our number one fan”.

In addition, Sagane, the Operations Director, expressed his admiration for Esther stating “She (Esther) has a way of correcting you when you go wrong and bringing you back on track with love”.

 “I remember the first thing Esther always does whenever she meets you is to find out how your family is faring and this always made me feel cared for” Elizabeth, Field Operations Director mentioned.

Staff congratulated