I Am Al Walajeh: life through the eyes of children in Al Walajeh


Ten Palestinian children from the village of Al-Walajeh, near the city of Bethlehem in the occupied Palestinian territory, were given cameras and trained to take photos of their lives by exploring their village. Here we gain a glimpse into the everyday lives of children – lives that are shaped and influenced by the ongoing Israeli military, confiscation of their village’s land, and lack of hope and vision for a brighter future. During this project, World Vision Jerusalem-West Bank-Gaza partnered with Grassroots Jerusalem, a Jerusalem based network that works to strengthen Palestinian communities, particularly in the Jerusalem municipal area. On the occasion of International Youth Day, these children share their photos, their stories, their lives.

World Vision works throughout the West Bank and Gaza in 117 communities, sponsoring almost 35,000 children towards the well-being of children to ensure they are protected, cared for and participating.