World Vision Holds TizaaWorks Start-up Workshop

World Vision Ghana held a start-up workshop rolling out the online platform TizaaWorks on March 9, 2016. TizzaWorks is a one-stop shop, online platform for the youth of Ghana, to access a full ecosystem of services for employable and entrepreneurial skills. It was jointly launch in May 2015 by Microsoft and IICD, it will however be implemented by World Vision Ghana and Microsoft.

Mr. Andrew Ofosu-Dankyi, Education Specialist for World Vision said at the workshop, that the platform is projected to connect 20,000 youth who will be beneficiaries of mentorship and employment support among others. He said this will help the Ghanaian youth to become self-reliant instead of relying on the government all the time. 

For more information on TizzaWorks, click the link below.