Tony being welcomed by lead farmers and fire volunteers in Yameriga

Tony Rinaudo Visits FMNR Sites In Ghana

Farmer Manager Natural Regeneration(FMNR) champion, Tony Rinaudo, has visited sites in the Talensi District of the Upper East District of Ghana. The visit was to assess, learn and document the progress and impact made since FMNR was first introduced in Yameriga in the Talensi District in 2009 when Tony visited.

The Visit comes days after World Vision Ghana, Yameriga community and two other beneficiaries of FMNR won 4 out of 10 awards at the 3rd Beating Famine awards in Bamako, Mali. The award was to acknowledge their contribution to land restoration and forest conservation using the FMNR method.

Tony was excited to see the over 750 hectres of restored degraded land in the talensi district. He took the opportunity to also train and interact with farmers, especially children to ensure the programme is sustained and scaled up to other communities.

Tony was accompanied by his wife Elizabeth Rinaudo, Green Manure Specialist, Roland Bunch and a film crew led by Oscar-Winning Director Volker  Schloendorff.