World Vision joins global Thunderclap calling for lasting ceasefire in Gaza

World Vision has joined the Thunderclap campaign, organised by the Humanitarian Country Team in Palestine (a coordinating body of UN agencies and INGOs, who are also members of the Association of International Development Agencies).  

The Thunderclap campaign calls for the violence to stop once and for all. Palestinians and Israelis deserve security and a just, durable peace.

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Between the 8th and the 24th of July, Israeli military strikes have killed 578 civilians in Gaza, including 185 children, 93 women, and 37 elderly.  

Another 4,000 Palestinians have been injured and over 140,000 have been internally displaced. Schools, hospitals, water infrastructure, and homes have been completely destroyed. Shelters are full, sewage is flooding Gaza’s streets, children are traumatized, and families are in desperate need of food, water, and a safe place to sleep. Hospitals, medics, and ambulances have come under fire, and health facilities and emergency rooms are in crisis over the lack of fuel and medical supplies.

In Israel, indiscriminate rocket fire from Gaza continues to endanger the lives of Israeli civilians, killing 2 Israelis and 1 foreign national, and injuring dozens more.

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