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Justice for children

We believe in the power of a person’s voice. It’s ability to do the impossible, battle inequality and call for justice. Through our advocacy and campaigns work we seek to mobilise and harness voices across the world to call for what is right, what is fair and what is just. 

2016 has been a year for voices. 

It began with the announcement of a new set of goals to end poverty, climate change and inequality by 2030 – a new set of commitments made by world governments in response to the voices of people. 

We’ve seen our global campaign, Child Health Now, reach the end of its first phase and embark into an exciting second chapter. Over the course of the last five years it has mobilised millions to raise their voices across the globe to call for a world where no child dies before their fifth birthday; it challenged governments and it changed and created policies. As it transitions into its new phase it will seek to continue this work, to hold governments accountable for what they promised and work in countries to implement projects.

We are seeing our new global campaign, which will seek to create a world free of violence against children, take shape. This campaign responds to the fact that every year more than one billion children suffer from a form of violence, it happens in every country and every community and not only impacts the individual child but erodes the human and social capital of a country. By tackling violence against children we know that we can have a fundamental impact on all areas of our work and provide a platform for people to speak out, call for action and change the world. 

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