Relief response in Phnom Prek

World Vision intensifies the fight against COVID-19 in Cambodia


Phnom Penh, 14th July 2020 - World Vision in Cambodia in partnership with Joining Forces and the Committee on the Rights of the Child in Cambodia released a COVID-19 early assessment report that reveals that more than 70% of people confirmed that they have recently experienced the loss of livelihood or reduced income. To cope with the losses, 43% of respondents reported that they had reduced their daily meal consumption.

"The days when food was not affordable the family had only rice as our meal, and it took a few days to replenish our supplies. We were down to the last rice grains in the jar, just enough to make porridge when we received World Vision support," says single mother, Sum, 43, who is now unemployed because of COVID-19. Sum is the sole breadwinner of three young children.

The Unmasking the Impact of COVID-19 on Asia’s Most Vulnerable Children’ early recovery assessment report produced by World Vision Asia Pacific indicates that economic, psychosocial, and physical strains on families related to COVID-19 have negatively affected all aspects of child well-being including access to food and nutrition, access to healthcare and essential medicines, access to hygiene and sanitation facilities, and exacerbated risks to child protection.

"World Vision is deeply concerned that the impact of COVID-19 will permanently scar the development of a generation of the world's most vulnerable children. As a child-focused organisation, World Vision wants to see all children have access to education, have enough nutritious food, and be well protected in every circumstance," says Daniel Selvanayagam, National Director for World Vision Cambodia.

As of 2nd July, World Vision has responded to the needs of vulnerable families that have been affected by the negative impacts of COVID-19 in more than 550 communities across 10 provinces and Phnom Penh. World Vision has worked with local community partners and authorities to reach more than 880,000 people so far including 350,000 children. World Vision provided food assistance to around 5,500 vulnerable households, distributing more than 135 tons of rice and other food items. World Vision also supported 74 health centres and hospitals and vulnerable families with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and hygiene kits, including 10,000 litres of sanitizing alcohol, 5,000 boxes of masks and 919 boxes of gloves provided. Over 45,000 reading books and learning materials for children were also distributed.

World Vision works directly with tens of millions of people in thousands of villages and urban communities around the world. Our grassroots connections include massive networks of faith leaders, community health workers, saving groups, children’s clubs and village and district-level government bodies. These connections are being mobilised to curb the spread and impact of COVID-19.

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