World Vision Uganda’s Baby-Friendly Health Facility Initiative Transforms Maternal and Child Health Services in Bugiri District

BFHI breastfeeding corner
Thursday, February 22, 2024


Bugiri District, – 22nd February 2024

World Vision Uganda, under its Health Technical Programmes, continues to fortify health systems by championing initiatives that enhance the delivery of quality maternal and child health services. Through its innovative approach, the Baby-Friendly Health Facilities Initiative (BFHI), World Vision is driving significant improvements in healthcare delivery to over 18 districts across the country, and Bugiri District being part of this quality improvement approach.

We have successfully implemented BFHI’s in Busia, Oyam, Omoro, and Bugiri districts resulting in the accreditation of 36 as mother-baby friendly since 2021. In Bugiri district, Nine (09) health facilities actively participated in BFHI implementation, working towards meeting the 14 requirements for accreditation as "mother-baby friendly" establishments. As a result, six (06) health facilities were recommended for designation, marking a pivotal milestone in the journey towards improved maternal and child health services.

"These designated facilities represent models of excellence in maternal and child health care," remarked Benon MUSASIZI Technical Lead for Health and Nutrition at World Vision. "By expanding the BFHI initiative beyond maternity services into neonatal, pediatric, and community health services, we are fostering a culture of comprehensive care that prioritises the well-being of mothers and babies throughout the continuum of care."

Implemented through a comprehensive strategy of capacity building, continuous follow-up, and support supervision of health workers with data-driven mentorship and coaching, the BFHI initiative aims to transform maternity facilities into centers of breastfeeding support. By fostering an atmosphere of respect and dignity, these facilities not only enhance breastfeeding practices but also improve overall maternal and child health outcomes.

Expressing his enthusiasm about the impact of the initiative, he said, "Our goal is to ensure that every mother and child receives the highest standard of care, with a particular focus on promoting, protecting and sustaining breastfeeding”. Breastfeeding helps to build the baby's immune system and offers the perfect nutrition. The Baby-Friendly Health Facility Initiative serves as a cornerstone in our efforts to create an enabling environment for mothers to breastfeed hence nurturing environment that prioritizes the well-being of both mothers and children."

The impact of World Vision Uganda’s investment in BFHI implementation extends beyond the walls of health facilities to building the confidence of caregivers and communities to protect, promote, support and sustain breastfeeding practices, contributing to improved continuity of care and breastfeeding outcomes. According to WV annual outcome monitoring 2023, skilled birth attendance in 18 districts of operation for the health technical program improved from 85.5% in 2020 to 90% in 2023 giving an opportunity for health workers to initiate breastfeeding

early in the babies’ lives. Exclusive breastfeeding improved from 70% to 82.2% in the same period. Through sustained efforts and collaboration with district stakeholders and the Ministry of Health, World Vision remains committed to driving positive change and ensuring the health and well-being of communities.

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