40 Years of Health Programming in Ghana

In partnership with the Ghana Health Service, the Ghana Education Service, Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana, Municipal/District Health Directorates, communities and Civil Society Organisations, World Vision in Ghana continues to implement interventions that address the healthcare needs of children and their families.  

Through the efforts of dedicated teams, World Vision has assisted in the reduction of infectious diseases in Ghana and also minimized the stigmatization of HIV/ AIDS patients through the use of the Channel of Hope-HIV/AIDS model.  

Additionally, the Health programme has adopted an integrated approach that seeks to promote maternal, newborn and Child Health (MNCH) through community awareness-raising and education on nutrition, breastfeeding, malaria, diarrhoea management, the importance of immunization and provision of various medical supplies.

Currently, the health programme is being implemented in four Districts with support from grant-funded projects across the country.