Kenya Microfinance

Microfinance for WASH in Kenya

One of the ways World Vision is exploring expanded access to water and sanitation services is through microfinance. As part of World Vision’s water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) programme, communities are educated about proper WASH practices and their effect on good health. This can lead to frustration for families that lack the financial resources to change their circumstances. Pairing microfinance approaches with WASH interventions supports low-income households to gain access to sustainable services.

In February 2021, World Vision began a pilot project in two areas in Kenya. The pilot had two objectives: to establish WASH business centres where community members could purchase WASH-related goods, and to use these centres to open the market for microfinance loans to households to fund WASH improvements. The pilot was a success and provided many lessons learned that can be used to expand microfinance for WASH to other areas of Kenya and Africa.