Assasuni AP Closure Report

Closure Report- Assasuni Area Programme (AP), World Vision Bangladesh

This closure report is a summary of the interventions taken by World Vision Bangladesh during its 16 years of operations in Assasuni, Satkhira. Beginning in 2005, the AP implemented Health Nutrition and WASH interventions to improve the health and nutrition status of mothers and children. WVB addressed the community’s needs and targeted reduction in malnutrition, improving maternal and child health and hygiene standards. WVB also enhanced livelihood by emphasizing on capacity development of the community. As a disaster-prone zone, Assasuni AP played a key role to train the community to prepare for and mitigate disaster. The AP was also successful in establishing 47 Child Forums in the community, greatly enhancing the leadership and educational skills of Assasuni’s children. The End Phase evaluation report conducted in 2020 showed that 97.2% of children in the community were fully vaccinated, compared to 59.4% in 2007. Households with one or more income-generating adults have increased to 90.7% from 60% in2018. WVB’s interventions have also resulted in 25.4% of households having a secondary income source to supplement their livelihood. These are just a few insights based on which WVB concluded that the community will be able to sustainably carry these operations forward on their own. Therefore, in October 2021, WVB wrapped up its operations in Assasuni.