ACT NOW: Experiences and recommendations of girls and boys in the Asia Pacific region during COVID-19

This consultation explores children and young people’s views and experiences related to COVID-19 and its secondary impacts. The consultation was conducted from May to June 2020 using a qualitative interview approach. Listening to children and young people is at the heart of World Vision’s child-centred approach and commitment to amplify the voices of children and young people on the world stage. This consultation included 110 children and young people (71 girls and 39 boys) between the ages of 11 and 19 from 10 countries in the Asia Pacific region, including India, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Nepal, Myanmar, Laos, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Thailand. The interviews took place in-person with physical distancing, over the phone, and through online platforms and followed the minimum standards for consulting with children and young people developed by the Inter-agency Working Group on Children’s Participation.